Do Not Make These Common SEO Mistakes

posted on 20 May 2013 06:34 by nation8helmet
Is it difficult doing everything you can think of just trying to get your site to rank higher when it comes to search results? How come you're not seeing any results then? Many new webmasters who try to optimize their site for the search engines, page rank, forget the basic rules that they need to keep in mind. The search engine rules are always being altered, and so are the optimization techniques to get your site ranked. If you are aiming to beat your competitors and maintain the first listing for Google, it’s best not to make the mistakes you’re about to read about. If you do this, you will achieve much more and it won’t matter how much money you put into it.

Images and graphics can look great on any site, but if you have too many you risk damaging your SEO efforts. Search engines look for quality content that matches what a visitor is searching for, so having too many images reduces the amount of content your site has. When you see text written on images, it's not going to have the same impact as the plain text within your site's pages. Any text you have showing within images can't be read by the search engines, which means they can't use those words for SEO purposes. If you really do want to use images, you should have your main keywords in the image's ALT attribute. This way search engines would be able to read this attribute in the image, which will ultimately help your ranking.

If you don‘t perform your keyword research correctly then your entire campaign will be worthless like . If your keywords aren‘t targeting people who can‘t be converted into buyers then you will waste your time. You can‘t sell anything to visitors who aren‘t even interested in what you have to offer. Apart from that, choosing keywords that people aren't searching for doesn't really make sense. With the right keywords you are off to a running start; with the wrong keywords you might as well start over because you won’t win the race. Your keywords have to be words people are using to search, and they have to have less competition. There are a number of free keyword tools that you can use to generate relevant keywords for your site.

You must build links in order to stay competitive but getting too many at once will alert Google that you are a possible spammer and they will penalize your site. Many people will lie to you and say that by getting thousands of backlinks at once to your new site you will get to the first page and stay there. Don‘t be fooled, the search engines know better than to fall for such a silly trick. If you do get lots of incoming links to a new site, Google will simply place the site in the Google Sandbox for a few months, and de-index it from the search engine index. Link building is necessary in the competitive online environment of today but you will actually outrank your competition by getting links a few links a day, consistently.